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Torino City of Design – La Città del Futuro

02 - 20 Oct 2019

The journey of Turin in Design and with Design continues.

It continues with a wealth of experiences matured over the past years and, thanks to these, it will allow to explore new horizons, new themes and new relationships.

The theme chosen for the 2019 edition of the event is The City of the Future,

Beyond the evocative atmosphere of the title, we are aware that the future begins today, and we would like to spread the many initiatives part of our design system that already operate with an incremental ratio, to make known its ideas, its projects and achievements.

We will continue to have an international scope, bringing to Totino the projects of greater interest and inspiration for our city that have been received from creative cities around the world, together we will discuss the methods adopted and the outcomes, establishing further collaborations and partnerships.

Also this year, throughout the month of October, over 70 meetings, workshops, exhibitions, tours, events will be held that outline the necessary and fundamental contribution that today design provides daily to the construction of the Torino of tomorrow.

The 2019 International Forum will be pivotal: scheduled for October 10 and 11, it is articulated in a plenary session open to all citizens, where we will invite the cities of Montréal, Detroit, Saint Ètienne, Kortijk, Cape Town, Wuhan, Singapore, Seoul, Shanghai and London to talk about the projects they presented on the occasion of the XIII Annual Conference, the city of Fabriano to provide a summary of the initiative, and UNESCO Paris to illustrate the prospects of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network for the coming years.

The Conference will also be an occasion to prepare the important events that will take place next year. So, the city of Madrid will present the Madrid Design Festival, where Torino has been invited as a guest of honour, and the city of Lille will present the next WDO General Assembly.

At a later time, smaller working tables will be set up with local stakeholders interested in creating partnerships (educational institutions, Chamber of Commerce, trade associations, citizens) or in learning more about the projects and comparing experiences; finally the results of these meetings will be shared with everyone in a plenary meeting.

Among the most relevant events we must also mention, in addition to the Torino Graphic Days festivals inaugurating the event, Torino Stratosferica, which closes it, and the initiatives presented by the Circolo del Design, a day (October 16th) dedicated to access to culture and to the city, which continues the work carried out last year, and that this year will focus on accessibility of museums, with an international meeting on street-art, also intended as an instrument of urban regeneration, held October 4 and 5, and an international event on October 15 on the Libraries of the future.

The program is implemented with the involvement and support of the Torino Design Advisory Board.

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