BOOK : Designing Sustainable Cities // Manageable Approaches to Make Urban Spaces Better

Posted on: 26. May 2020

© Birkhäuser

Edited by: Sigrid Bürstmayr and Karl Stocker

With contributions of: Paul Draus, Breathe Earth Collective, Burcin Cem Arabacıoğlu, Ayşen Ciravoğlu, Ciğdem Polatoğlu, Paulina Cornejo Moreno Valle and Sylwia Ulicka


The potential of new designs

In view of the fact that, by 2050, 70% of the world’s population will live in cities, the subject of “sustainable urban design” is an important issue for UNESCO’s Cities of Design.

Taking into account that urban design can make a significant contribution to positive changes in environmental and social matters, the book presents seven inspirational examples for copying; included are analyses and measures for the cities of Detroit, Graz, Istanbul, Mexico City and Puebla, as well as non-location bound projects.

The authors investigate the efficiency of certificates, climate installations for urban spaces, and new ecological, architectural, and sociological concepts for mega-cities. A reader for stakeholders at the interface of social and urban design.

  • Reader with seven up-to-date research contributions on social and urban design
  • Actual and hypothetical urban projects
  • Recommended as inspiration and for imitation



Sigrid Bürstmayr, Lecturer (FH); Karl Stocker, head of Department Exhib.&Information Design, both FH JOANNEUM Univ.of Appl.SciencesGraz